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“When I dare to be powerful, to use my strength in the service of my vision, then it becomes less and less important whether I am afraid.” 
― Audre Lorde

At the Women's Leadership Guild, it is our mission and purpose to uplift, empower, serve, and shape the future for women of color in our community. 

Without the help of our team, none of this would be possible. 

We are currently looking to fill the following chair seats for the 2017/2018 fiscal year:

Secretary, Community Relations, Development, Events, and Marketing. 

Each positions requires a year of commitment and 25-30 hours/month. 

If you're interested, we'd love to have you. Please fill out the form below and we'll be sure to contact you as soon as we can. 


Available Seats: 

The Secretary will certify and keep the original copy of these bylaws as amended and shall ensure that current copies of the bylaws, policies, and procedures are provided to the board.   
The Secretary will keep a book of minutes of all regular meetings of the board and shall assure that all notices are duly given in accordance with the provisions of these bylaws or as required by law.  She, when directed to do so, may perform such other duties from time to time as prescribed by the board. 
The Secretary will coordinate with the Chair(s) on the scheduling and preparation of all meetings.  
The Secretary will serve a dual role as Sargent-at-Arms by maintaining order and keeping time at all meetings.  


Works in partnership with community-based organizations, corporations, and influencers to develop and implement programs that promote the goals and mission of the organization. 
Develops and promotes community relations opportunities.
Represents the organization at community meetings.
Works with local organizations to develop community relations plans and promote new and ongoing initiatives in their areas.
Works with local organizations to develop programs, events and new initiatives that promote marketing and community relations objectives.
Collaborates and coordinates with other chairs as needed.

The Community Relations chair(s) work to encourage and recognize WLG members volunteerism, and to plan for and support the organization’s chosen philanthropic beneficiaries.  
Work closely with the Chair(s) and the Board to select beneficiary organizations and to create opportunities for companies to become part of the organizations philanthropic efforts through donation of prize items, sponsorships, community service partnerships, and donations.  
Collaborate with the Chair (s) to evaluate chapter income sources, and determine financial needs above and beyond collection of member fees from Membership Chair(s) 
Oversee the development of strategies for funding specific organization projects as determined by the board.  
Oversee the implementation of projects and events that increase funds as well as the visibility of the organization  
Manage the fund raising event with Event (s) chairs and ensure that an effective publicity program is in place, through collaboration with the Communications Chair(s)  
Coordinate with Event Chair (s) the donation of goods or services, if necessary, for events  
Solicit the general membership for participation in hosting the event  
Participate in fund raising programs, activities and events along with members of the board. 
After completion of the event, oversee the evaluation of the event with Event Chair(s) in terms of number of participants, amount of money raised, etc.  

Events Chair oversees the entire event and planning process. 
Appoint and/or encourages volunteers to take responsibility of specific event components. 
Provide ongoing motivation for committee members, insuring that work is progressing and enthusiasm is high. 
Ensure that communication between executive board/committee members is active, productive and positive. 
Coordinate with the Chair(s) on ongoing committee meetings and fosters an environment that encourages creativity and the development of new and exciting ideas. 
Develop work plan and agenda for events and programming for the organization to stay on goals for the year. 
Responsible for making event financial decisions with assistance from the Chair(s) and Treasurer. 
Send “thank you” letters or notes to all individuals and businesses providing sponsorship, in-kind donations, volunteers, committee members, etc. 
Events Chair(s) will receive a concept and a date each year for a special events and will coordinate with the board to execute the vision.  
Actively build relationships and explore opportunities for in-kind donations of printing and other  
marketing related services.  
Produce press releases for events (to announce in advance or after an event)  
Maintain a list of media contacts and proactively reach out to various media for up-coming events.  
Update calendar with community events in collaboration with board members. 
Pitch media and publications with specific story ideas.  
Work with executive board to determine where to best disseminate information about the organization, events, and programing.  
Work with Community Relations Chair(s) to conduct interviews of members and community leaders for the website and social channels.  
Obtain photos from the photographer to be integrated into the newsletter, website, and social channels.  
Write creative, gripping copy for marketing pieces and develop attention-getting, emotion-evoking graphics while ensuring a concise, consistent, and informative message, or engage other professionals in the business to produce the materials (brochures, posters, display boards, flyers, etc.).  
Regularly update social mediums (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.) and website to reach a broad audience. Post news, event reminders and success stories.  
Upload pictures, photos, and compelling stories to spike user interest, feedback, and participation.  
Develop and monitor the budget for marketing initiatives.  
Facilitate, review, and collaborate with other committee chairs on internal and external communications.   
Maintain marketing materials that are current, relevant, and consistent in design, message, and branding.  
Monitor the website and update, including content, calendar items, video clips, and on-going  
photos of our initiatives.  
Collaborate with other board members on obtaining content for monthly newsletter.   
Design WLG promotional material. 

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